Philipp Wu

phil80301 at berkeley dot edu

I am a senior at UC Berkeley interested in robotics and AI research. I have spent the past three years in Pieter Abbeel's group in robotic controls and low-cost robotic manipulators for human-safe applications. See my code here at [ berkeley open robotics ]. For more information about out project see [ berkeley open robotics ].

I am majoring in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS) and Mechanical Engineering (ME).


[1] Quasi-Direct Drive for Low-Cost Compliant Robotic Manipulation. (In review for ICRA RA-L 2019) [ link ]
David Gealy, Stephen McKinley, Brent Yi, Philipp Wu, Phillip R. Downey, Greg Balke, Allan Zhao, Menglong Guo, Rachel Thomasson, Anthony Sinclair, Peter Cuellar, Zoe McCarthy, Pieter Abbeel.
[2] Robust and Low-Cost Gripper Design for AI-Based Robotic Manipulation. (In review for ICRA 2019)
Menglong Guo, Philipp Wu, Brent Yi, Stephen McKinley, David Gealy, Pieter Abbeel.